Caras de las Americas, Puerto Rico

Puma Energy is present in the Guaynabo area of Puerto Rico and it is here that the Foundation contributes to an after-school study programme for children, run by local NGO Caras de las Americas.

The scheme, known as ‘Vietnam Estudia’ operates in the Vietnam, Sabana and Amelia neighbourhoods and is aimed at children aged between 5 and 12.

The programme provides tutoring, extracurricular activities and the right emotional and psychological support to encourage the children to remain in school and on a path to academic achievement. This kind of ‘soft’ support is particularly important as it helps the children deal with any later temptations of becoming involved in an illegal underground environment, which unfortunately, is prevalent in Puerto Rico. 

Where they work

Our partnership

The involvement of parents and caregivers in the project strengthens the links between the 35 involved families and the broader community.

The overall objective of the initiative is to improve young people’s capacity to graduate from high school and obtain jobs. 

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