In Nicaragua, accidental burns have become a public health crisis: it is the second most common cause of death by accident in the country. This is why APROQUEN, a local NGO, dedicates its efforts to offer comprehensive care free of charge to children suffering from burns and spread a culture of prevention about burns-related risks.

According to Aproquen, the great majority of the victims of accidental burns are children, and 75% of them are less than 5 years old. More worrying, 90% of these accidents happens at home, usually in the kitchen (53%), or in the home backyard (25%), due to garbage burning. Mothers are present 74% of the time during these types of accidents. These alarming rates confirm the urgency of APROQUEN’s objective: raising awareness and educating about burn prevention and first aid treatment. 

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The Puma Energy Foundation started to support APROQUEN in 2017. The three-year partnership will help the NGO reduce the number of children victims of burns, through an approach that includes capacity building, public awareness and education.

The expected results of the project are the training of 270 school teachers and community leaders on burn prevention, the education of 7,500 school-aged children on burn prevention and an increase of public awareness about accidental burns, prevention and first aid measures. The best part of the programme is that kids are the ambassador of the “lessons learnt”: children taking part to the educational programme are meant to engage their parents in the training and spread the burns’ prevention knowledge across local families and community.

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