Swisscontact, Tanzania

The Puma Energy Foundation has teamed up with Swiss NGO Swisscontact, to generate employment for young Tanzanians through new economic opportunities.

In Tanzania’s Morogo region, where youth unemployment is high, young people are being orientated towards an innovative new scheme of waste management and recycling.

The project has two components: to develop economic opportunities by increasing the amount of recyclable waste that is sorted, collected, traded and recycled; and to improve urban hygiene by reducing the amount of mixed waste being discarded into public areas, which causes environmental pollution, drain clogging and floods. 

Where they work

Our partnership

So far, the results include improved welfare, less environmental degradation and reduced health risks.

The project aims to impact 1,500 small farmers, 1,500 unemployed rural youths and 200 staff members of community-based organisations.


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