Opening of 6 Roadside Wellness Centres in Tanzania

Impala Terminals, Puma Energy, the Puma Energy Foundation and the Trafigura Foundation have partnered with North Star Alliance, a leading international non-profit healthcare service provider, to establish Roadside Wellness Centres (RWCs) in three locations along the Dar Corridor in Tanzania – the Port of Dar es Salaam, Iringa and Tunduma.

More information on each clinic is available here – just browse by location to find the clinic you are looking for.


Dedicated clinics for truckers and for community

The RWCs will provide free health care and road safety training services to truck drivers and local communities.

The project will deploy an “inside/outside” the fence solution. The “inside” centres will be located at Impala truck yards and will provide occupational health and safety services to our employees and contractors. The “outside” centres will be located in the same three towns but not on company premises. Truck drivers from other transport companies and corridor communities will be have access to a broad range of health and safety services, all free of charge.

Opening hours and directions for each of the 6 clinics can be found here.

You can also watch the video below to see how North Star’s clinics work.

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