Centre for vocational training, Myanmar

In a partnership with the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD), the Centre for Vocational Training (CVT) in Yangon, Myanmar, runs an entrepreneurship programme especially for youths from disadvantaged families. Under the new socio-economic regime, Myanmar is flourishing, but job prospects for unskilled young people remain challenging. Entrepreneurship is one of the most fruitful ways to start earning an income, and CVT’s ‘Empowering Youths 4 Business’ programme helps those with budding business ideas create jobs for themselves and others. A robust curriculum – a dynamic mix of training, mentoring, visualisation and sports - has been devised by long-established development expert, SAD, based on similar schemes in Nepal and Egypt.

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As Myanmar continues to shift from a military dictatorship to a constitutional democracy, many of the country’s young people lack the skills to benefit from the new opportunities of this transformation. With youth employment reaching 37% in some areas, much of the population remains out of work and unable to thrive. The Puma Energy Foundation is delighted to support a new partnership with the well-established local training centre, CVT, from July 2015 until June 2018. Our funding will help CVT train over 300 budding entrepreneurs, offer start-up capital to 40 small businesses, and coach 10 trainers. With its focus on youth and employment, this partnership chimes with our core values and is backed by Puma Energy’s local staff in Yangon, who have visited the Centre.

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