Initiative Développement, Congo-Brazzaville

In a joint venture with the Trafigura Foundation, the Puma Energy Foundation supports a ‘cook stoves’ programme in Congo-Brazzaville.

The use of wood and charcoal for cooking in Brazzaville is very common, yet the stoves used are inefficient and require a lot of fuel to operate. Plus, cooking in this way requires large amounts of wood and charcoal, which is not only costly, but a major cause of deforestation.

French NGO Initiative Développement (ID) is seeking to reduce the pressure on wood resources in the area and improve the efficiency of wood fuel in the home and for professional use. 

Where they work

Our partnership

For the next two years, ID will support the creation of a local network of craftsmen and resellers who will produce and distribute improved wood-saving stoves.

The project is making steady progress as by end 2015, 1,000 stoves had been produced, and 2 ,000 had been sold. See video below for more.

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