Alive & Kicking, Ghana

Schools in Ghana face a shortage of sports balls due to the unavailability of quality footballs at affordable prices. Out in the broader community, Ghanaians suffer from a lack of job opportunities, especially among those who are younger or disabled.

For Alive & Kicking (A&K), these two ‘lacks’ added up to one great opportunity: the creation of a stitching centre to manufacture sports balls that provides jobs and promotes health education through sport.

The company is now striving to make a significant social and economic impact across Ghana through its unique model of social enterprise.

Where they work

Our partnership

Having committed to support A&K Ghana for three years, our contribution has gone towards creating a stitching centre in Ghana’s capital, Accra, which currently employs 28 people.

In addition, Puma Energy has helped increase visibility of A&K’s Zambia operation by retailing balls via its network of service stations in Zambia.

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